Mineral BioSciences’ patented fulvic ionic mineral ingredient, Ioniplex®, has earned the reputation as a vegan and plantbased mineral to improve bioavailability for products in the skin care industry. As one of the most potent antioxidant rich ingredients, Ioniplex has the unique ability to increase collagen production and help with antiaging.

Collagen is a protein that is found throughout the body that benefits skin texture and overall skin health. Collagen production starts to
slow at about age 25 and there is no way to prevent it from decreasing. However, adding Ioniplex to any products will help maintain collagen production more gracefully. Below are skin care products that benefit when paired with Ioniplex.

Should I Look for Ioniplex® in Cleansers and Serums?

Ioniplex is a topoftheline ingredient addition for cleansers and serums to help improve skin appearance and increase skin elasticity. Ioniplex works on a cellular level, allowing it to deliver nutrients directly to the cell. As high collagen levels are critical for healthy skin, adding Ioniplex to cleansers and serums will allow for improvements in skin texture. When pure fulvic acid delivers nutrients to the cell, this allows other nutrients to be transported that are already a part of your product, resulting in better skin hydration, vitamin absorption, and help with irritation and dry skin.

Whats The Benefit of Adding Fulvic Acid to Moisturizers?

In addition to utilizing Ioniplex in cleansers and serums, it can also give moisturizers and lotion brands a leg up on competing brands. Because it is comprised of over 65 ionic trace minerals, Ioniplex can make any moisturizer nurture sensitive skin, neutralize free radicals, and remove heavy metals and toxins from the cells.

Ready for use, Ioniplex is available in b
oth liquid form and powder form to be added to any exclusive formula that helps skin care products provide healthy, plantbased results.