Ioniplex has the power to make any ingredient more bioavailable. By enhancing the rapid absorption of nutrients into the cellular structure, Ioniplex enables your product to maximize its potential. As a result, your customers experience the full effect your product offers.

From Organic Roots to Finished Goods: Discover Ioniplex®


It is plant based and contains the most abundant source of essential trace minerals.


It is highly bioavailable because of its unique ability to penetrate cellular membranes to transport nutrients directly into the cell structure for maximum absorption. 


It is a natural chelator activator that paves the way for enhanced nutrient absorption when other nutrient absorption aids have a stimulatory effect that requires your body to do more work. 


It consistently increases your body’s ability to optimize your cells for better health and wellness. 


It is a nanomolecule in size with the capability to penetrate, feed, enhance and protect all living cells.


When toxins are present in the cells, the ionic minerals can detoxify cells by attracting/binding to them and ultimately eliminating them from the body.

Maximize your Profits with Cellular Infuson® Technology

Cellular Enhancement

Stimulates cell metabolism which improves the bioavailability of nutrients at the cellular level.

Cellular Protection

Due to the high concentration of ionic minerals, helps improve the electrolyte balance and protect cells against oxidative stress.

Cellular Energy

Increases mitochondrial metabolism
(the cell’s energy producer).

Cellular Detoxification

Attracts and removes heavy metals
and toxins from the cells.

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