• Prebiotic-Probiotic – Helps restore microbial balance
  • Provides digestive therapy and supports the production of digestive enzymes
  • Balances acidity
  • Powerful detoxifier-cleanser – Neutralizes many toxins, chelates heavy metals,
    while supporting the gut wall
  • Oxygenating body with 65 plus nano trace minerals
  • Supports Cellular Health absorption for increase metabolism


  • Good balance of humic and fulvic
  • Diversified carbon
  • Organic-plant based
  • 65+ ionic trace minerals
  • Natural occurring soil probiotics
  • Highly soluble and bioavailable

Our Technology

Driven by Cellular Infuson Technology® with its patented process, Humiplex® is an all-natural plant based Humic Fulvic Carbon Complex™ that has been extracted from diversified sources and formulated to deliver all three Humic, Fulvic and Trace Minerals in a powerful way that will boost immune system. Humiplex is unlike any other on the market today for its unique carbon complexes properties that deliver the natural nutrition that mother nature intended it to be. Both Humic and Fulvic are very complexed molecules, essentially prepare nutrients to inter-react with each other, and those synergistic relationships are what fuel our Cellular Health. 

The Many Benefits

Once Humiplex is taken, the fulvic and humic components separate. The fulvic begins passing through membranes toward the cells, where it will feed the cell with the 65 plus nano trace minerals it contains. Since it is a chelator, the fulvic will also attract heavy metals and toxins removing them from the cells. As an antioxidant it will also neutralize free radicals. The humic will pass through the digestive system bringing beneficial bacteria (probiotic and prebiotic) along with boosting the immune system. Fulvic benefits the cells, Humic assists the digestive system.

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