Cellular Infuson Technology

Cellular Infuson® Technology or CIT is the all-encompassing power behind what makes Ioniplex so unique and one-of-a-kindbecause this technology specifically describes our extraction process to produce a fulvic ionic mineral complex™ Our patented extraction process utilizes state-of-the-art technology to extract the purest fulvic acid found in the U.S. with advanced bioavailable and absorption aid capabilities.  

Powered by CIT, Ioniplex has been proven to increase the bioavailability of any product it is paired with because of its unique ability to penetrate cellular membranes to transport nutrients directly into the cell structure for maximum absorption. This enables your customers to experience the full effect your product offers over similar products. 

Not only does Ioniplex significantly improve the bioavailability of your product, it enables it with these key benefits:

  • Cellular Enhancement: Stimulates cell metabolism which improves the bioavailability of nutrients at the cellular level 
  • Cellular Protection: Due to the high concentration of ionic minerals, helps improve the electrolyte balance and protect cells against oxidative stress
  • Cellular Energy: Increases mitochondrial metabolism (the cell’s energy producer) 
  • Cellular Detoxification: Attracts and removes heavy metals and toxins from the cells

Ioniplex Highlights


    Nano molecule


    High chelating capacity 


    Contains 65+ ionic trace minerals


    Polyphenol antioxidant (anti-stress) 


    Micronized powder 


    Highly water soluble


    Highly concentrated  


    Extremely bioavailable 

    The extraction process matters

    Many fulvic acid manufacturers use an extraction method with chemicals or other harsh materials which reduces the fulvic acid beneficial content. It also leads to substandard product that is biologically less effective. 

    Other manufacturers combine fulvic and humic acids because they do not have the technology to fully extract the fulvic acid molecule from the humic material. 

    CIT enables us to extract the purest highquality fulvic ionic mineral complex™ that is unlike any other on the market. This is evident in the rich vibrant golden color we are able to achieve. 

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