US Patent No. 8,709,497 

Title: Mineral, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Agriculture Compositions and Methods for Producing the Same  

This invention pertains to a method for producing compositions including an unusually large number of naturally occurring minerals and compositions that include a significant number of mineral elements and that facilitate delivery of the minerals into the body of the human and animal that pertain to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, nutraceuticals.  

    US Patent No. 8,927,031 

    Title: Anti-Glycation Methods and Compositions  

    This invention relates to compositions used to treat or prevent glycation events and related pathologies in humans and animals. More particularly, the invention relates to compositions having anti-glycation activities. 

      US Patent No. 11103001

      Title: Methods and Compositions for Modulating Muscle and Bone Loss 

      This invention relates to methods and compositions used to slow, reduce, or prevent age-related muscle degeneration and related pathologies in humans and animals.


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