Ioniplex’s highly bioavailable mineral complex is shown to improve nail growth and nail strength. Studies also show Ioniplex pure fulvic acid increases the production of collagen over 40%. Collagen has a very important role it serves as one of the main building blocks for hair, skin, and nails. It aids in improving brittleness in the nails and may help them grow faster and healthier. As healthy collagen levels are needed for proper nail care, Ioniplex has been shown to increase these levels for optimized health and wellness.

As a
natural compound that is found in microorganisms in soil that helps plants grow, it works in a similar way in our body at a cellular level. Ioniplex has the unique ability to penetrate cellular membranes to transport nutrients directly into the cell structure for maximum

Ioniplex is shown to be beneficial for hair and skin. In an invivo
hair, skin, and nails clinical trial, Ioniplex showed 33% improved skin texture, 14% improved hair appearance, 142% improvement of nail growth, and a significant increase in nail strength. Ioniplex pure fulvic acid
also provides cellular energy, stimulates cell metabolism, helps improve the electrolyte balance, and removes heavy metals and toxins from cells.

How To Incorporate Ioniplex
® into Nail Products

Begin adding fulvic acid into your nail care products such as nail creams. Utilizing Ioniplex as an impactful addition to nail creams will offer a breakthrough nail cream formulation that will promote nail growth and strength, resists splits, peels and prevents nail cracks and ridges. It will work to condition and protect the cuticles to smooth the skin around the fingers.
Providing naturally stronger nails, Ioniplex will give nail products a leg up on competition as a component for both vegan and regular nail care products.