Mineral BioSciences’ pure fulvic acid is a vegan and plantbased mineral that improves the bioavailability for products in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Ioniplex® works at a cellular level and offers many benefits when it is added to hair, skin, and nails products. It has research that shows improved nail growth and nail strength along with improved hair and skin parameters.

How Can Ioniplex Improve Hair Care?

Ioniplex carries over 65 trace minerals into the follicle and can help improve scalp and hair health. Fulvic acid contains properties that are strong enough to encourage faster and thicker hair growth. Providing stronger hair through shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products, Ioniplex works to revitalize hair follicles for rejuvenated hair growth.

Skin and Nail Care

Among the many applications, skin and nail products can also be used with Ioniplex. Research shows that pure fulvic acid has a potent antiaging effect, increases the production of collagen by over 40%, and increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Fulvic acid can potentially bring down redness and swelling, and even acts as an antibacterial. Ioniplex can also be added to any skin creams, lotions, and other beauty products for enhanced results.
Using Ioniplex in nail care routine also carries its own benefits. Adding the pure fulvic acid can help with nail care by adding it to nail products, such as nail cream, can promote nail growth, strengthen nails, and prevent splitting, cracks, and ridges. Available in both liquid form and a highly concentrated soluble powder form, Ioniplex is a ready to ship ingredient that helps hair, skin, and nails products provide plantbased results.