Ioniplex® can transport nutrients directly into the cell structure for maximum absorption because of its high bioavailability and unique ability to penetrate cellular membranes. With its ability to attract trace minerals throughout the body, our pure fulvic acid ensures better nutrient absorption. It is beneficial as both an additive and standalone product and acts as a natural chelator activator that paves the way for enhanced nutrient absorption. When toxins are present in the cells, the ionic minerals can detoxify the cells by binding to them and removing them from the body.

What’s unique about Ioniplex’s delivery system?

 Ioniplex has a unique delivery system as evidenced by its U.S. patents. The research tied to Ioniplex as patented ingredient, provides clinical substantiation for the use of Ioniplex in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid to increase absorption of both CBD and turmeric. Additionally, it can stimulate the expression of key genes involved in mitochondria metabolism including energy production 200% to 370%.

When it is used with anti-aging and beauty products, multiple studies show massive increases in collagen production, hair growth and strength, and an incredible 142% increase in nail growth, proving Ioniplex to be an absorption aid unlike any others on market today.

What are the key benefits of Ioniplex®?

In addition to improving the bioavailability of a finished product, it delivers the following benefits:

  1. Cellular Enhancement: Stimulates cell metabolism, improving the bioavailability of nutrients
  2. Cellular Protection: There are over 65 trace minerals, which helps improve electrolyte balance and protects cells from oxidative stress
  3. Cellular Energy: Increases mitochondrial metabolism
  4. Cellular Detoxification: Removes toxins from the body’s cells

The patented Cellular Infusion Technology (CIT) initiates the extraction process to produce a fulvic ionic mineral complex, allowing you to experience the full effect of the ingredients contained in your finished product.