Cellular Infuson® Technology (CIT) is the power behind what makes Ioniplex® one-of-a-kind. Essentially, this technology describes our chemical-free extraction process that produces our fulvic ionic mineral complex™. With state-of-the-art technology, we extract the purest fulvic acid on the market.

Ioniplex ethically mines from various humate sources to obtain fulvic acid. Ioniplex gains the unique advantages resulting from organic roots buried beneath layers of prehistoric ecosystems.

What Kind of Products Become More Bioavailable with Ioniplex?

Pure fulvic acid can be used in variety of applications! Several studies have demonstrated increases in collagen production, hair growth, and nail growth. This makes it a must have for any beauty line. Ioniplex is also a natural glycation buffer, enabling it to naturally support healthy blood sugar levels.

Using our Cellular Infuson Technology, our pure fulvic acid can enhance energy and hydration, sports nutrition, as well as CBD products’ bioavailability. With multiple studies showing its ability to carry protein into cells, increase protein synthesis, and enhance hydration and support joint and bone health, Ioniplex can give any product the edge it needs to compete at a higher level.

Ioniplex can also be used as a standalone product, and it works just as efficiently. It is the best source for trace minerals and detoxifying ingredient that helps neutralize free radicals within the human body.

Our patented extraction process allows us to produce a high-quality plant-based fulvic ionic miner complex with effective capabilities.