Ioniplex® has the power to make any ingredient more bioavailable. It is highly bioavailable because of its unique ability to penetrate cellular membranes to transport needed nutrients directly into the cell structure for maximum absorption. In addition to the plethora of other benefits such as high antioxidant levels and nutrient values, Ioniplex is a natural glycation buffer. Glycation is one of the root causes of blood sugar levels and has been shown in multiple studies to support healthy blood sugar levels naturally. Working at the cellular level, Ioniplex is rich with a fulvic ionic mineral complex and is entirely Vegan-friendly, coming from a pure fulvic acid extract, allowing any blood sugar regimen to become more effective.

Using Ioniplex to Slow Blood Sugar Spike

Although Ioniplex can be used as an additive to any blood sugar regimen, it is also beneficial used as a standalone product. Because it is a highly bioavailable mineral complex comprised of over 65 ionic trace minerals, and in multiple clinical studies, Ioniplex has been proven to drop A1C levels and aid a normal, healthy level. It works as a detoxifying ingredient and helps neutralize free radicals to work towards anti-glycation and produce natural energy for the body. It can benefit blood glucose management by decreasing oxidative stress. Due to its strong antioxidant activity, it helps to promote cellular function.

Applications for Blood Glucose Management

Although Ioniplex can be utilized as a standalone product, it can also be used as an additive to any condition specific products and dietary supplements. Many specialty ingredients require extensive extractions and are not always fully absorbable – Ioniplex is here to change that and optimize any blood glucose formula.

Available in both liquid form and a highly concentrated soluble powder form, Ioniplex is a ready to ship ingredient that helps with blood sugar management and consistently increases your body’s ability to optimize your cells for overall better health and wellness.