Branded ingredient, Ioniplex from Mineral BioSciences, is effective in improving the bioavailability of other active ingredients in many scientifically formulated health and wellness products – both ingestible and topical. Rich with a fulvic ionic mineral complex, an essential component for overall health and well-being, Ioniplex can be shipped in both liquid form and a highly concentrated soluble powder form, making it the perfect addition for formulators of dietary supplements, protein powders, functional foods, beverages, and beauty products for skin, hair, nails. Here are just a few consumer products that can be formulated with Ioniplex.

Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements

Thanks to its ability to penetrate cell membranes and cell walls, adding Ioniplex to food and dietary supplement formulations allows for delivery of powerful nutrients directly to the cell. Ioniplex further detoxifies cells by attracting heavy metals and toxins and removing them from the cellular structure. With this deep penetration to the cell structure, Ioniplex allows transport of other nutrients that may be combined with it, helping products achieve more effective benefits through nutrition. Benefits from internal consumption of Ioniplex include improved skin texture by 33%, hair appearance by 14%, nail growth and strength by 142%. Ioniplex formulated drinks such as Totála® Cellular Health also replaces critical electrolytes and depleted minerals far more efficiently than commonly used sports drinks, resulting in increased energy, faster recovery, and improved cellular metabolism.

Dietary supplements formulated using Ioniplex directly help cellular protection, promoting cellular energy for revitalization of the body. Notable supplements featuring Ioniplex as a key ingredient such as IoniCell® For Women have been clinically proven to help improve collagen generation for healthier skin, hair and nails.

Topical Creams and Balms

Though collagen production can decline with age, healthy collagen levels are still needed for proper wound healing and skin care. Ioniplex stimulates collagen production, showing an overall increase by 30% when taken internally. With reports of utilizing fulvic acid formulations in external applications showing positive results, Ioniplex as an ingredient in topical creams and balms promotes healing of open wounds, cuts, abrasions, rashes and skin irritations, minimized pain and scarring from burns, reduction of discoloration of skin from bruising, minimized discomfort from insect and spider bites, counteraction of effects on skin from poison ivy and poison oak, and anti-microbial & anti-fungicidal properties.

Immune Health

Fulvic acid’s immunity boosting effects have helped the ingredient reach regular use in immune health supplements.

Ioniplex® can help boost immune health three ways:

  1. Cytokine inhibitory effect – An analysis of the gene expression profile in human dermal fibroblasts treated with Ioniplex showed a reduction in numerous factors related to chronic inflammation and acute response.
  2. Oxidative stress reducer – Ioniplex, due to its strong anti-oxidant activity, helps to reduce oxidative stress, a limiter of our immune system.
  3. Anti-AGE (Advanced Glycation End-Products) – Studies with Ioniplex have shown a reduction in glycation of up to 50%. Glycation can cause damage to cells. Healthy cells are essential to overall health and our immune system.  Ioniplex can help maintain and enhance cell health.

Hair Care

Fulvic acid’s part in supporting healthy hair has secured Ioniplex as a key component in both plant-based and regular formulation hair care products. Delivering over 65 minerals into the follicle to restore the scalp microbiome, Ioniplex improves scalp and hair appearance, providing naturally cleaner, stronger, and shinier hair than competing brands. Act+ Acre’s Plant Based Dry Shampoo recently won a Beauty Innovator Award in the Hair Category thanks to its clean powder formulation and strong results with Ioniplex.