Available in two forms – an all-natural capsule and a liquid that is sugar-free and calorie-free, Ionicell CBD Isolate contains 100% hemp-derived CBD that is paired with a patented fulvic ionic mineral complex, which amplifies the benefits that its ingredients provide. While many CBD products have low bioavailability, Ioniplex®’s Cellular Infuson Technology® enhance the benefits of CBD by effectively transporting the right nutrients to the right places within the human body.

Here are several of the key benefits of Ionicell CBD:

  1. Increases Energy

When added to a finished product, Ionicell provides nutrients to cells in the human body for energy production. Its ability to remove heavy metals and toxins from cells paired with CBD can help with low levels of energy and increase mitochondrial metabolism resulting in increased cellular energy.

  1. Supports Sleep Health
  1. Boosts Immunity

According to the invitro studies involving lab reports performed by Dr. Emy Cummins, NMD, cortisol is a steroid hormone that regulates a wide range of vital processes throughout the body, including metabolism and the immune system, helping to support stress and boost overall immunity.

  1. Beauty and Wellness

Using Ionicell in hair, skin and nail products has been shown to have a 30% increase in collagen production, a 33% increase in improvement of skin texture, a 14% increase in improvement of hair appearance and an overall 142% increase in nail growth.

Available in liquid and capsule form, Ionicell CBD is a ready-to-ship ingredient for private labeling with double the bioavailability than other CBD products on the market.