Throughout the continental U.S., a number of locations have been found to contain veins of humic/fulvic rich material.  Humic, with extensive benefits in agriculture and fulvic in both agriculture and human health.  Both are important components to our overall well-being.   The challenge is finding the best source and the ability to fully extract the fulvic acid from the humic material Global Organics Group has located several sources containing high quality humic/fulvic material and has become one of the largest producers of fulvic acid in the world, producing products for its two divisions. The BioFlora division produces humic and fulvic acid for agriculture and the Mineral BioSciences division manufactures food grade fulvic ingredients and products for human benefit, utilizing a patented organic extraction process that guarantees a 100% pure humic free fulvic acid.  Our ingredient, Ioniplex fulvic ionic mineral complex, is one of those products. Ioniplex works at the cellular level, recognized as a key element in many health and scientific breakthroughs. Ioniplex, when added to supplements, food or beverages can enhance the overall health and well-being of the consumer. Here are just some examples of the many benefits of adding Ioniplex to your products.

Ioniplex and Bioavailability

Ioniplex has the ability to penetrate cell membranes and cell walls and enter the cell structure. It contains over 65 minerals in small quantities and trace from.  These minerals are ionic in form and nano in size.  That gives Ioniplex the ability to deliver powerful nutrients directly to the cell. Once in the cell, Ioniplex is attracted to the mitochondria (the energy producer of the cell) and it feeds the minerals to it. The result is an increase in mitochondrial metabolism by up to 50%, making the cell healthier and more energetic. While in the cell, Ioniplex detoxifies cells by attracting heavy metals and toxins then removing them from the cellular structure.  Additionally, because of its ability to penetrate through membranes and into cells, Ioniplex has the ability to transport other nutrients that may be combined with it, into the cells

Ioniplex and Healthy Blood Glucose

Studies conducted using Ioniplex have shown a 50% reduction in damage caused by Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs, also known as glycation). This decrease in glycation can help reduce and moderate blood sugar increases known as post prandial blood sugar spikes.  These spikes are caused by consuming a large carbohydrate laden meal and can occur to anyone.  If it happens frequently, health problems may occur. Due to its ability to decrease glycation, Ioniplex can help reduce the amount of glucose present in the bloodstream and help to manage healthy blood sugar levels.


Ioniplex and Immune Health

Ioniplex can help boost Immune Health 3 ways:

  1. Cytokine inhibitory effect – An analysis of the gene expression profile in human dermal fibroblasts treated with Ioniplex showed a reduction in numerous factors related to chronic inflammation and acute response
  2. Oxidative stress reducer – Ioniplex, due to its strong anti-oxidant activity, helps to reduce oxidative stress, a limiter of our immune system.
  3. Anti-AGE (Advanced Glycation End-Products) – Studies with Ioniplex have shown a reduction in glycation of up to 50%.  Glycation can cause damage to cells. Healthy cells are essential to overall health and our immune system.  Ioniplex can help maintain and enhance cell health.

Ioniplex and Healthier Hair, Nails, Skin & Collagen

In an in-vivo skin/hair/nails clinical trial conducted by a pharmaceutical researcher, with half the group taking Ioniplex and the other half taking a placebo, Ioniplex showed the following results: a 33% improved skin texture, 14% improved hair appearance, 142% improvement of nail growth, and a significant increase in nail strength.  Additionally, Ioniplex is a stimulates collagen production. As healthy collagen levels are needed for proper wound healing and skin care, Ioniplex has been shown to increase collagen by .