Mineral BioSciences®, a leading manufacturer of fully-soluble, nano bioavailable trace minerals, offers private label services for companies interested in utilizing finished Ioniplex® capsules and liquid. This is advantageous to companies, as they do not have to go through the tedious process of creating a new product from start to finish. Mineral BioSciences has committed to handling production, bottling, labeling, and packaging the product using a branded label, while the private label customer handles marketing and promotion.

As a powerful organic nutrient absorption aid, Ioniplex has the power to make most ingredients and products more bioavailable. By enhancing the rapid absorption of nutrients into the cellular structure, Ioniplex enables your product to maximize its potential. Plant-based and vegan, Ioniplex contains the most abundant source of trace minerals and is highly bioavailable. Due to its unique ability to penetrate cellular membranes to transport nutrients directly into the cell structure, it increases the body’s ability to optimize cells for better health and wellness.

The advantages of private labeling with Ioniplex are:
1.    Expanded product offerings
2.    Easily scalable
3.    Improved speed to market via fewer steps
4.    Savings of time and money

“We look forward to working with companies, developing new business partnerships, and offering a turnkey solution to make product manufacturing simple. This will enable our private label customers to realize the many applications and benefits of Ioniplex and let them focus on the marketing and promotion of the product while we focus on the formulation and manufacturing logistics, something our team has executed successfully for decades,” said Luke Blotsky, CEO of Mineral Biosciences.

For more information about Ioniplex®, visit https://www.ioniplex.com.

About Mineral BioSciences®
Mineral BioSciences® is a division of the Global Organics Group and is focused on human and animal health and wellness. As one of the largest food-grade fulvic acid manufacturers in the United States, our operation produces our signature ingredient, Ioniplex®. Our patented extraction process results in a chemical-free organic product. For more information, visit mineralbiosciences.com.