With Ioniplex®’s unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and stimulate mitochondria (the cell’s energy engine), it naturally enhances hydration and energy products by transporting essential nutrients right where they need to go. Thanks to Ioniplex’s, which is pure fulvic acid, ability to remove heavy metals and toxins from cells, it can help with low levels of energy and increase mitochondrial metabolism resulting in increased cellular energy.

Ioniplex is a one-of-a-kind fulvic acid, due to its unique extraction process. We use state-of-the-art technology to draw out the purest fulvic acid found in the U.S. with advanced bioavailable and absorption aid capabilities. Certain manufacturers use a chemical extraction which may result in fulvic acid toxicity – Ioniplex is a reliable fulvic acid brand that is all natural and will enhance the full effect your product offers.

Applications of Ioniplex for Energy and Hydration

Ioniplex can be added to energy drinks and electrolyte beverages to support increased energy, endurance, and stamina. Fulvic acids have numerous health-enhancing qualities, which qualifies them to be valuable, organic drink additives.

Adding Ioniplex to energy drinks and electrolyte drink products can also provide customers a faster recovery time and improve overall cellular metabolism. Delivering over 65 trace minerals, Ioniplex’s vegan formulation is the best detoxifying ingredient that increases protein synthesis within the human body.

It is beneficial as both an additive and standalone product. Available in both liquid form and a highly concentrated soluble powder form, Ioniplex is a ready to ship ingredient that helps with energy and hydration to optimize your cells for overall better health.